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Doubt: A Parable - Review Round

I am currently playing Father Flynn in Doubt: A Parable at Quotidian Theatre Company in Bethesda, MD. Not only is Doubt my favorite play, but Father Flynn was number 1 on my character bucket list. I wrote a blog post about it called "Acting Backwards" for Quotidian, where I go into detail analyzing the play and my part (no spoilers). The Culture Spot did a feature article on the play - "The Parable of the Actor" - in which author Christ Slattery and I delve a little deeper into some of the points brought up in my first article.

Photo: Steve LaRocque

Review have been rolling in, and this is definitely a show to see:

"I tend to shy away from gushing about actors but Kashner's performance is stellar, a standout. Kashner's Father Flynn radiates magnetism."
~Broadway World

"Kashner’s Father Flynn has a magnetism that helps us to see why children are drawn to him, and his anger at Sister Aloysius’ accusations is deeply felt. Whether such intense emotions indicate innocence or guilt Shanley does not explicitly say."
~DC Metro Theatre Arts 

"Elliott Kashner’s Father Flynn is an excellent foil to the Sister."
~DC Theatre Scene 

The show runs until May 7. The Writer's Center is a great, intimate venue - perfect for a show like Doubt. Get your tickets here.

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