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New Trailer for The Last of the Manson Girls

The Last of the Manson Girls is based on an essay written by Paul Krassner, "My Acid Trip with Squeeky Fromme." I play Krassner, who is most well known as a contemporary of Lenny Bruce and Editor of the political satire magazine The Realist.

January, 1972. Convinced there's more to the Manson murders than meets the public eye, counterculture journalist Paul Krassner embarks on an LSD tinged investigation of the last of Manson's disciples: Brenda McCann, Sandra Good, and Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme. What he finds could change how the world sees the 60s... if he lives long enough to tell the story.

More updates to follow!


Closed Doors, Open Windows

I was in a unique position going into June. I had NOTHING lined up for the future. I have been blessed enough for this to be the first time since I left my job that I did not have at least one project on the horizon. I had been auditioning for several plays, been going to call backs for the same plays, and NADA! This caused a fair amount of panic and Facebook complaining on my part--I am ashamed to admit. However, despite my fear and sadness, I kept auditioning for everything I can get my hands on. The diligence paid off, and I am happy to announce that June and July have become two of the busiest months of my career thus far. Here are some of the projects I have on the horizon:

Z*Con - We filmed in downtown DC. Here's a shot of me reporting from an abandoned I St NW. We had at least fifty extras there that day as zombie attack victims. We shot some of a teaser trailer, which they'll use to fundraise for the rest of the film, which is about a zombie outbreak occurring at a comic convention. The footage I've seen so far is amazing. Learn more and support the film: http://bigdamnfilms.org/films/zcon

The Team - This is a very popular show in several countries across Europe, Africa, and South America, and now the series is being brought to Washington DC by Search for Common Ground and Pigs Fly Media. I play Danny, a high school soccer player dealing with some issues at home. The pilot script was really well constructed, so I cannot wait to see how it all comes together.

You're Dead - An independent feature film that is being produced in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). Produced by Golden Tiger Productions (gained notoriety as the production company behind Roulette) and directed by Jay Spense, this movie has a lot going for it. Jay was awesome to work with. He came to set with tons of great ideas, but also had an open mind and let me play with some ideas. Plus, any director that can run a shooting schedule on time has my respect. I'll keep you posted for the premiere.

Gwendolyn Dangerous - We have been filming this new media comedy adventure on and off for the past two years. These final days of filming will compete our first season. More to follow!

NOVA Community College - In July, I will be filming a national commercial for their film school. Coming soon to an AMC theatre near you! Plus, I'll post the link when it's available.

House of Cards - I'm finally back on set, after about a month and a half. If you haven't check out the first season, it's available on Netflix. It's a groundbreaking series, and I believe a watershed moment for online episodic content.

I know this is a massive update, and there will be lots of exciting updates to follow. But more importantly, these two months have taught me a really important lesson about patience. I want a bumper sticker that says, "Keep Calm and Audition."



The district was represented this year in the New York Television Festival, and I was lucky enough to be involed with two pilots.

The first was The Louder The Better. Originally, it was created as a short film, a graduate thesis project for director Michael Toscano. He reapropriated it and repitched it as a pilot, and the project was accepted into the festival. Here's the trailer:

The second was The Conspiracist. This pilot finaled in Samsung's Second Screen Storytellers competition. While the project did not win, directors Barry Gribble and Kevin Good made an incredible pitch. I've seen the pilot, but it is not being released just yet--the pilot is still being shopped to networks. I hope to be able to post the pilot episode here soon; I think that it turned out fantastically well, and I cannot wait for you all so it in. In the meantime, I've added one of the promos to the Photos page. Check back soon for updates.